Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Vision and Mission

We believe that the Clown exists in every person!
That creativity and imagination are important needs of every human being. That when we liberate our capacities to take creative and imaginary stances to the state of our lives, we can also be more critical and find new ways of seeing things.

We do street clown performances, going to all audiences all places. Where ever we go we bring simple everyday objects that we transform in unexpected ways, to music and images. And we transform the spaces themselves into a theatre, where we can share laughter, dancing and stories.

We do training in creative group work and drama. We work with children and adults, such as social workers and educators. Through game playing and exercises, we help individuals discover new capacities, and groups work together, to cooperate better, and to share in creative ways, using their own experience, stories, and ideas.
   Our workshops run through a process that stimulates the active participation of all individuals; to create a sense of trust in which all are able to express themselves freely; to emphasise the importance of listening actively to every one; to respect difference; and to build constructively towards a common goal.

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